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Residential/Community Living

Partnerships for People provides many choices in living arrangements for individuals with disabilities or other challenges. Supervision can range from as little as two hours a week to 24 hours a day. The decision of where to live reflects the life plan that has been developed in collaboration with the individual, their family and/or other interested people who are part of the individual’s life.

Partnerships for People Inc. prides itself on its talented and professional staff which provides a careful balance of independence and monitored care to our residents.

Our network-consisting of businesses, community organizations, advocacy and social service partners, family friends, volunteers and government support representatives-provides a foundation of resources and opportunities for the people served by Partnerships for People to provide full access and inclusion within their communities.

The goal is to provide a nurturing and person-centered support to achieve each individual’s life plan whether it be a home of their own, securing a job one can be proud of, or participating as an active member in the community of their choice.

Supported Employment

Our Supported Employment program offers creative employment solutions to recruiting, training, and consulting concerns. Our level of commitment is unique, which distinguishes us from other employment services. The Supported Employment Specialists use a person-centered approach when servicing individuals.

Supported Employment Steps:

♦ Intake Meeting- We want to know and help you plan your employment goals based on your experiences, interests, and abilities.

♦ Job Development- Our Specialists assist you with creating a resume/cover letter, networking with employers, completing job applications, and preparing for interviews.

♦ Job Coaching- Our Certified Job Coaches support you in learning your job tasks, communicating professionally with your co-workers, finding the best transportation and learning the route to your new job, and more.

♦ Long-Term Follow Along (LTFA)- Our Certified Job Coaches support you by providing job contact visits to maintain job stabilization and the engagement of natural supports.

Community Integration Services

People take pride in being an active member of their community. Partnerships for People realizes that there are many individuals living at home who would benefit from support services that would help them become better integrated into their community.

Community Supports: Our Support Staff can assist in finding volunteer opportunities and many other types of community activities.

In-Home Supports: Our Support Staff can provide instructional support teaching daily living life skills, such as food preparation, grocery shopping, and laundry skills, with the goal of helping each person become more self-dependent.